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We have recently updated our site to make it easier on the eyes, and have improved navigation.
You may experience a bad link in the next few days, but we are working on it, and should have it all sorted out shortly.
Some hosts take their sites down for this, but we didn't want to worry anybody, so we are leaving ours up while we make the changes.

Old announcements

What may have looked like a server outage was really a IP change.
Recently we changed our nameservers IP numbers. Name Secure did not do as instructed in a timely mannor, therefore our sites were only accessable by IP.
We wrote them a rather scathing letter, and they still took a total of 35 days from our inital request to properly make the changes.
We have looked at alternatives in the mean time, and have addressed this issue to see that this won't happen again.
Here is what we are doing:
1) We are changing registrars to one that gives us more control.
2) We also added a couple of other DNS nameservers that will resolve the names to IP addresses if our main ones fail.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
- The MyPagesOnline Team

Message Board Support (by that we mean installs, fixes, modifications ect.)
We have discontinued our suppport of ikonboard for the following reasons:
The newer ver 3 without SQL is a bit buggy and often the db becomes corrupt. We are tired of fixing these.
The newer ver3 with SQL, is a bit better, but we don't feel it is the best choice for people with the recent releases of iBforums, and phpBB.
The older ib2 versions are OK for small boards, but they may have to be upgraded to a php one, if they become too popular.
We only have so much time to invest in staying up to date with message board software, so we have chosen to support what we feel to be currently the best ones available in english. (there are a few good ones in other languages, and we do not wish to knock them, but we will be unable to offer support for them at this time)
The free ones that we will be happy to support are: XMB, iBforums, and phpBB.
vbulletin is very good and reasonably priced for those who don't mind paying for message board software.
YABB and UBB are still banned because they tend to slow down the performance of the server.
YABB now has a SQL version which we are not allowing yet. We may at a later date, when we obtain enough valid data to assure us that we will not be comprimising our servers performance.

If you have questions regarding the above, please send your inquiries to admin@mypagesonline.com

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